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The Luscious Little Dessert Company | Yonkers, NY 10705, USA | [917/ 593-8546]

The Luscious Little Dessert Company | Yonkers, NY 10705, USA | [917/ 593-8546]


The New York Times, Dining & Wine, Cooking, Restaurant Takeaway, That Photogenic Blueberry Pie, By MELISSA CLARK, Blueberry pie with a cornmeal crust. Published: July 29, 2013

.... Remember the buttery-topped, purple syrup-slicked pie from our Pie Issue earlier this month? We have the recipe....

New York Times, Dining & Wine, By LIGAYA MISHAN, Published: June 27, 2013
Blueberry pie from the Luscious Little Dessert Company, which nearly collapsed when cut, juices pooling into the pan ….
.... Diana Scott-Sho of the Luscious Little Dessert Company in Yonkers got her start three years ago selling pies at barbershops and hair salons in Harlem. Her
lemon chess pie, volumized with heavy cream and cornmeal, was dangerously light on the tongue and had that fizzy lemonade aftermath that leaves you feeling at once sated and thirstier than before. It is a homage to the pie at a diner in Lynchburg, Va., where Ms. Scott-Sho ate every Saturday as a child. (“I’ve been refining it all my life,” she said.) Another of her pies was stuffed with blueberries still whole, tasting as if they’d never seen an oven. It nearly collapsed when cut, the juices pooling into the pan, but that stopped no one from eating it….

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